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John Butler

Human Utility,

in an age of

Artificial Indifference.


J.I. - Jellyfish Intelligence

A motion captured science fiction film made in collaboration with Greek artist Lina Theodorou.

Part solutionist satire, part transhuman tragedy, J.I. is set in the Mediterranean during an environmental catastrophe.

It features fictionalized versions of Buckminster Fuller, Ray Kurzweil and Rachel Carson dealing with the ethical challenge of biological immortality.



“Just be yourself, and nobody else”.


Our motions, as distinctive as our faces, will soon be captured

and interned.


Gaitkeeper is a biometric control suite designed to counter the challenge of 'Locomotive Camouflage'.

LoCam, which combines the physical control of dance with the unpredictability of performance art, is rapidly being adopted by

civic insurgents.

Gaitkeeper units, based on the off-the-shelf Kiva chassis, are now being deployed as standard counter measures.


Gaitkeeper is a collaboration with, and features the motions of Liechtenstein based artist Martina Morger.

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Xerox's Paradox

Interrogative Fashion

A new workwear collection for the age of intelligent supertasking. Xerox's Paradox is technology's inverse effect. Xerox's fear of a paperless office led to the of the GUI, which, in turn, led to an explosion in the amount of printed matter.


Void is my contribution to Billy McCall's 'Nova Express' project.

A group of artists were asked to each interpret a character from 'Watchmen'. I got Rorschach, and eventually decided to make a 
nuclear inkblot test in 3d.
I was surprised to see faces, skulls, claws, demons as the simulation unfurled. This is one piece that would work well as an installation.



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People should Work

Basic Outcome

People should work.

Machines should think. 

That is what they are best at.

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