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Solutionism is technology offering to solve problems that it has itself created.


J.I. opens with an environmentalist holding a tech entrpreneur to account for crimes against nature.

The solutionist defends his actions, displaying, with petulant arrogance,
the benefits bestowed, and the offsets offered.


Dorayn_K represents our new 'founder' class, who's disdain for oversight is palpable in his attitude to the proceedings.


A common trait among founders is a wish to escape terrestrial limitations.

Once in orbit, free of the gravitaional pull of government, the founder decides to solve the environmental degradation that his growth based model has done so much to encourage.


Governments are too weak and impoverished to act decisively. Only the empowered individual can implement a solution.


Thus, policy becomes a matter of philanthropic 'grace and favour'.

Flying, driverless electic cars are a linear extrapolation of the present rather than an imaginative response to planetary depletion. A more ration solution would be mass transit, but this grates with the founder's individualist mindset, and the imperatives of growth.

Space tourism may offer the founder class a new perspective on the planet, one that will alert them to the small, fragile blue market we inhabit.


Their gaze will then turn outward, towards new worlds, new markets.

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