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The Solid State Cinema

The Solid State Cinema is a series of artist led screenings held in

Glasgow, to promote my own and other media artist's work.
While the web is the ideal platform for the digital moving image

a darkened cinema space with an audience is still the best way

to gain a viewers unfragmented attention.
Since 2014 there have been nine Solid State Cinema events,

featuring the work of 


Butler Brothers


Alan Warburton

Mate Steinforth

Rebecca Allen

Laurie Spiegel

Katerina Athanasopoulou

Lina Theodorou

Ellis Luxemburg

Jim Colquhoun

Gair Dunlop

Holgar Mohaupt

Urs Basteck


Bea Fremdemen

David Sherry

Patrick Jameson

Malcolm Brown

Benjamin Nuel

Clemens Wilhelm

Kim Laughton

David Blair

Jennet Thomas

Torsten Lauschmann

Two Ruins

Stephen Hurrel

Rick Silva

Chris Bowman

Jamie Cooper

Douglas Laing

Mandy Mackintosh


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