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The Avant Garde

Activism masquerades as art.

An uprising of the Utility Class is spearheaded by an elite Special Operations Performance Art team.
Under the guise of culture, they bypass the gait recognition system, penetrating the outer cordon

and allowing the main body to advance.

On entering the corporate edifice, they find the transactors have fled. They have burned all the books,

destroyed all records and abandoned their allies. Nothing is left, save their broken promises.

An empty silo gives a clue to their present whereabouts.

ontribution to Billy McCall's 'Nova Express' project.

A group of artists were asked to each interpret a character from 'Watchmen'. I got Rorschach, and eventually decided to make a

nuclear inkblot test in 3d.
I was surprised to see faces, skulls, claws, demons as the simulation unfurled. This is one piece that would work well as an installation.

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